About Susan

Susan Candelario

Susan Candelario is a professional freelance photographer specializing in commercial, fine art, commercial and event photography.  Susan has successfully graduated and earned accredited certificates in Professional Photography as well as in Adobe Photoshop Extended Expert.  Her experience has helped her achieve recognition, publications and awards from national to international levels.

She also has authored an e-book of one of her favorite subjects to photograph: “A guide To Water Drop Photography Simplified”.

She enjoys many different facets of photography and is always motivated to explore different creative techniques and new challenges. She enjoys the company of like minded individuals who share her passion for the craft of photography. It allows her not only to share but also learn and be inspired from those individuals.

Susan’s images have been purchased and licensed worldwide for personal, corporate and editorial use. Her photographs have been published in magazines, websites, television, books, newspapers and advertising materials.

Susan also runs a meet-up group and conducts small group and one-on-one workshops to interesting venues and private locations.

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