Breaking Thru

Water and milk collision

Water and milk drops colliding in a pool of water. I captured the collision just when the first drop rose forming a column and a ball at the top and the second drop was breaking thru after the collision of both. ©2012 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Had the pleasure of having awesome photographers and good friends Roman Kurywzcak, Nick Palmieri and Betty Willey come over to photograph some water drop slashes recently. As usual we had a blast.

After everyone left, Anthony and I started to clean up the set up and of course I could not resist the temptation to capture a few more images as quickly as I could.

I combined milk and water and placed multi colored gels on the flash units and the image above is one of the results. I love how the first drop is breaking thru the second drop.

Did I ever tell you that water drop photography can be somewhat addicting?



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  • Dave Mills - WOW!

  • Vivian - Amazing blog and photos!

  • Cathy M. - Beautiful colors. Looks like a pastel mushroom.

  • Liz garcia - WOW! Very cool. Love how you keep coming up with new variations.

  • Nick Palmieri - I love the textures and colors in this one. The low angle works great. I love the little collision on the tippy top. Great job as usual. yrs

  • Jim - Oh, your photograph is one of the coolest water drop shots that I have ever seen, with that drop breaking through the top.

  • Son - Absolutely stunning shot!

  • Roman Kurywczak - Very cool! I knew you would play more after I left! Color combo looks great too!

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