“A Guide To Water Drop Photography Simplified” e-book Released

Water Drop Photography e-book

A Guide To Water Drop Photography Simplied

A Guide To Water Drop Photography Simplied

We are pleased to announce the release of my new Water Drop Photography E-book. Available for immediate download as a .pdf E-book format.

“A Guide To Water Drop Photography Simplified” provides a basic understanding of the

steps involved in the successful creation of stunning high speed liquid drop photographs

in a simple and easy to understand manner.

This E-book covers equipment, set-ups, reviews all the necessary concepts

and walks you thru a step by step guide so you too can create these images on your own.

“A Guide To Water Drop Photography Simplified” is also full of illustrations and Liquid Drops Photographs.

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  • Linda - Congrats on such a great guide, Susan!

  • JB - Great work with the guide, Susan! The images are unbelievable. Really like the step by step, illustrations and examples. Thanks

  • Toby - Hi Susan,
    Congratulations on your Guide To Water Drop Photography. I know it will be a hugh success. Everything you do, you do well. Best of luck.
    I wish you and Anthony a very Happy Holiday Season.
    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

  • Rick - WOW…. Truly Amazing. Congratulations!

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks so much for the support and encouragement. I appreciate the very kind comments and well wishes.

  • Simon - Congratulations, Susan. Very nice job.

  • Marcus - Excellent, Susan! Sure you are going to very well with it. I already tried some tonight. Will send you an email soon.

  • Alicia - Great job! Beautifully layout with lots of good info. Congrats.

  • Carol - Great job… Can’t wait to try it.

  • Joan - I purchased it and will read this week… congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still hoping to find dates soon to email to you for a tutorial soon

  • Jaime - Congratulations on your e book, Water Drop Photography Guide. I just downloaded it, and it looks beautiful.

  • Linda - Congratulations, Susan on a magnificent guide!

  • Bob - Congratulations on your ebook. Very well defined and presented. Highly recommend it. Best of wishes for a great Christmas to you and your family. Again Great job!

  • Phil - Congrats on a very fine job. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting to do water drop photography.

  • John - Very informative and the pictures are not only outstanding but very motivational. I can’t wait to send you my first capture. Great Job!

  • Cathy - Very well thought out and put together e-book. Thanks!

  • Graham - Great book!!! Excellent layout and content.

  • Efren H - Thanks and congratulations! Just purchased the guide and took a quick glance. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to read it and get my very own splashes.

  • Ben Venezio - Congratulation Susan , great job in making this process
    easy to understand. Good Luck Ben

  • Bob - Congratulations on a superb job, Susan! Very professional and informative as well as great photographs.

  • Roman Kurywczak - Way to go and huge congrats!!!

  • Dave Mills - The book gave me alot of insights in how to create those wonderfully varied waterdrop images that you have mastered.
    I found so many tips that I would have never figured out without reading the guide.
    Your many and varied images really bring waterdrop photography to another level. Well written and highly instructve!!

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