I see you - Eastern State Penitentiary

“I See You” Watch Tower at Eastern State Penitentiary ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Last Sunday I was once again Roamin’ with Roman at the Eastern State Penitentiary (ESP) while on an HDR from Capture to Output photography workshop. ESP is located in Philadelphia, PA and is a great place for HDR captures. The group was awesome  and a great day was had by all. All of my HDR images in todays post were quickly tone-mapped using HDR Express and further tweaks were applied using either, OnOne Perfect Effects, Nik Color Efex 4.0 or Topaz Adjust 5.0.

Al Capone "Scarface" Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary

Al  “Scarface” Capone’s Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary  ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Eastern State Penitentiary "ESP"

“Cell to Cell” at Eastern State Penitentiary “ESP” ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Eastern State Penitentiary "ESP"

A tree grows in cell – Eastern State Penitentiary  ESP ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary "ESP"

Cell at Eastern State Penitentiary “ESP” ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography


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  • Susan Candelario - Hi,
    Thanks so much to everyone for stopping by and for your kind comments, LIKES, tweets and e-mails. I appreciate it very much.

  • Roman Kurywczak - You did a great job on these and thanks for co-leading the workshop with me! As usual……your work inspires. I’m sure other people are paying attention to your work and I hope they recognize what a really great HDR sequence this is! You should do an e-book on the processing!!!

    Thanks, Roman! I appreciate you having me along as well as your very kind comments. My current e-book and coffee table book in process should be wrapped up by next week. At least that is what the publisher said. If you want we can do a collaboration on the HDR e-book and have it done before Christmas. What say you?

  • Elizabeth Garcia - Amazing pictures, you are so talented. What an eye. Of cource the location is fantastic as well.

    Keep up the good work.

  • Mike P. - Hi Susan
    Your HDR looks great! Nice job on the sky … the effect is not overdone. BEAUTIFUL!

  • Phil Witt - Very nice ESP series, Susan. You brought out the textures and subdued color without overdoing the HDR. ESP is one of my favorite places to shoot.

  • Bob - Great shots. I hope to join you next year for this trip.

  • betty wiley - Wow – I love, love, love this series – wish I could have been there – I have always wanted to go and I want to go even more after seeing this series of images. Great processing too, I might add!

  • Jay - I’m looking at the ESP images on your blog, and they are look FAB to me!   Good lighting details and colors………….You took a picture of a toilet? What’s up with that!  LOL

    Cheers, Jay

  • Nick Palmieri - Great job Susan. I love the watch tower. Great sky and very cool angle. As usual your an inspiration to all of us.

    Thanks, Nick! You were missed. I would of loved to have been able to shoot the tower without the building on the right merging, but even standing all the way to the left did not clear the merger and I preferred this comp.

  • Dave Mills - OOPs, Didn’t see the rest of the images. There are all beautifully handled but I especially like Al Capones cell.
    The lighting is beautiful along with good detail. Technically and artistically superb!

  • Klaus-Dieter Schleim - Hi Susan,

    Strong compositions and well handled exposures and work-ups of a not so happy subject … excellent work!

  • pipo - once again you do a great job in your processing. They are fantastic, keep up the good work.

  • Dave Mills - Hi Susan, Nicely composed with the cloud adding to the overall.
    Well handled!

  • Glen - Just saw the pics on FB…. Amazing!

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