NYC lights & bridges

Brooklyn over Manhattan

Brooklyn over Manhattan – The Brooklyn Bridge frames NYC & the Manhattan Bridge – HDR composite image –

I got motivated with the full moon this past weekend and decided to do some late afternoon street photography as well as some NYC sunsets and lit up bridges at night with the full moon rising. I photographed the Brooklyn Bridge image above on Saturday and the George Washington Bridge image below on Sunday from the New Jersey side.

George Washington Bridge Moon Rise

New York City’s landmark, the George Washington Bridge along with a full moon during the blue hour.

When photographing night scenes with a full moon, multiple exposures are necessary in order to get the correct exposure for the night scene as well as for the moon.

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  • Susan Candelario - Cary & Dave, Thanks!

  • David Mills - Hi Susan, Great shots and good use of HDR. Love the different hues in the sky within the 2nd image. Nice job!!

  • Cary Gentile - WOW! Oh my God Susy, these are beautiful. God bless your talent.

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Clarence! it would of been great if you would have shown up. Hopefully soon we will get together again. Your images are great and very inspiring.

  • Clarence Holmes - Susan,

    Excellent shots! I was going to try to make it to Fort Lee on Sunday, but I got sidetracked.


  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Nick! You know you are always in cause YRS. lol

  • Nick Palmieri - You know I’m in! They look great I always wanted some images like these. I am sure we can get out there soon. The effect on the water is cool.

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks so much for all your comments & likes here & on FB. I really appreciate it.

    Bob -you always make me laugh! The bridge is under going construction now. Soon it should look even better.

    T – can’t wait for you to d/l & see your images.

    RK- thanks hmmm…. you are right we did talk about it. So much to do & so little time LOL anyway I am inspired as well

    SL – huge compliment coming from someone as talented as yourself. Thanks!

  • Roman Kurywczak - Awesome Susan! I think we need to do a workshop there for the full moon! I know we discussed this a year ago but your images have inspired me yet again!

  • Bob Sayegh - The Brooklyn Bridge hasn’t looked this good since Roebling built it.

  • Jessie Gonzales - These are amazing photos.

  • Jennifer - These are truly fantastic, Susan!!!!!!!!

  • Janet Bongiovanni - Great Susan…I’m jealous about the BBQ.. Barb’s a lot of fun

  • Leslie Siebler - These are gorgeous!

  • Simon L - Truth is Susan, you don’t take any bad pictures. These are terrific.

  • Tibor Vari - Excellent work on the GW bridge shot! Great composition. Brooklyn as well. Been so busy have not even downloaded the images from the camera yet!


  • anthony - The shots are great. They give you the impression that you are there, and believe me I know because I was there.

  • Tom Babich - Gorgeous shots!

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