4th of July Celebration 2011

It’s always been great celebrating the 4th in the company of friends & family & photographing the fireworks. This year was no exception and I hope everyone had a great time as well.

NYC fourth of July celebration

Macy’s sspectacularFireworks Display along the Hudson River with the NYC skyline as a backdrop.


“Macy’s New York City 4th of July Spectacular Fireworks Display” A view of the fireworks along the lower Manhattan Skyline, the under construction Freedom Tower can be seen below the fourth firework explosion at the right hand side. ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography


Macy’s New York City 4th of July Spectacular Fireworks Display

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

NYC 4th of July Celebration

Looking down the river towards lower Manhattan – NYC 4th of July Celebration ©Susan Candelario 2011

This year we were  joined for the first time by our friends Roman Kurycwzak and Nick Palmieri along with some other old friends and some new ones we made while waiting for the Macy’s fireworks show to start.

I love photographing the fireworks but one thing I do miss from my Canon film years when doing so was the ability to make several exposures in one frame. As a digital Canon shooter we no longer have that ability as does the Nikon digital bodies.  Canon is  geared more towards post processing but with a few tricks and techniques one can achieve the same end results.

This year the barges did not line up where we expected them to be (I guess they did not get the memo) but we all quickly adapted and did the best with what we had. From what I have seen and heard everyone walked out with some winning images

I employed several different methods in order to capture the fireworks. I set the cameras to bulb mode while using my cable releases. I also covered the lens during some of the exposures in order to get some added light in the skyline without blowing out the fireworks, which is very easy to do. There is a good 5 stop difference between the two exposures. I also did some exposures of the skyline prior to the start of the show, in order to be able to merge them later in Photoshop while doing my post processing.

Here are just a few images from this year. I was surprised to see how many keepers I had when I downloaded the cards and viewed them in the computer.

We had a great day and can’t wait until the next time around.

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Thank You.

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  • Roman Kurywczak - Spectacular job as usual! I’ll try to keep some of the other excitement down next year!

  • Toby Spector - These are spectacular!! I was there with about 25 people from RCC. It was a blast.

  • Cary Gentile - Beautiful, great job! every year is getting better

  • Dave H - Nice, Susan!

  • Hector Nieves - Fabulous colors and burst. Can I go with you next year? ;o)

  • Susan Candelario - Hey,
    Thanks so much for stopping by & for your comments. I had a blast!

  • Maria - A W E S O M E ! The best FW pics I have ever seen.

  • Nick Palmieri - Wow! YRS! I love 3 and 4 . I had a blast shooting the fireworks and am already planning for next year…Hope you had as good a time as I did.

  • Cathy Rodriguez - What can I say, other than I love them all.

  • Phil Echo - Very Nice!

  • Kevin Santos - WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bob Sayegh - No other word for it: spectacular.

  • anthony - They are great. They are so colorful, and it is like being there and I was. Good job!

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