Flashes & Flashlights

Back Side Gerber Daisy

“Back and Back”   Back side of Gerber Daisy Backlit  © 2011 Susan Candelario

I was recently invited to  photograph with my friends Roman Kurywzack from Romin with Roman Photo Tours, Dr. Nick Palmieri & Dave Williams from Williams Nursery. Dave was gracious enough to invite us to shoot in one of his greenhouses. He had just gotten in some gorgeous 15″ tall Gerber Daisy’s and shared them with us. Thanks, Dave for a fun afternoon!

Roman showed up to the party with his rather big flashlight that he uses to paint with light when he is doing his star trails and night photography. He also had different flashlight sizes readily available. So very quickly we knew what the game plan was. Backlit macro flower photography.

Backlit Gerber Daisy

“The Center Of Attention” The Gerber Daisy was Backlit with the big flashlight and my Canon Twin Light Flashes illuminated the front side. © 2011 Susan Candelario

Side view of Gerber Daisy.

“One Sided” Side view of Gerber Daisy. © 2011 Susan Candelario

Floral Macro

“Heart Of Gold” I applied a couple of my own textures to this image. For years I have been photographing interesting textures to use as an overlay layer in Photoshop on certain images.                 © 2011 Susan Candelario

I will be back at Williams Nursery on June 4th, where Roman will be running a couple of Floral Macro Photography workshops. I believe he might have a slot or two still open. For more info check out his workshop.

Hopefully by then the weather has improved and I can do a little bit more shopping at the nursery. His stuff is great and I highly recommend it to anyone.

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  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Sweetheart!

  • AJC - Your photo’s reflect a radiant beauty. They bring a smile to my face, and remind me of all the beauty there is that you have captured and shared.

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Cathy!

  • CATHY MILLER - Love the way the first Gerber looks like a sunburst!!
    Beautiful job!

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks again! Your feedback is highly appreciated.

  • Toby Spector - “Never thought of backlighting with a flashlight. Your flowers are gorgeous. You’re a fantastic photographer. Love to look at your photographs. Didn’t think it could be done, but you made nature better.”

  • Tom Babich - As always, beautifully done! I thought the lighting is especially effective.

  • John Jake Jakubik - I love this Shot!

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks for taking the time to stop by & offer your comments. I very much appreciate them.

  • Laura E. - Always something different & inspiring from you

  • Alice - OMG These are beautiful,

  • Bob Sayegh - Improving a Gerber daisy? I thought only Mother Nature could do that, but you managed it.

  • Paul M - Very clever! Love the idea & the photos.

  • Jerry Fornarotto - great lighting

  • dave williams - See, I knew I saw some amazing images in your camera! Nicely done!

  • Nick Palmieri - Love how you cleaned up the back of the flower. As usual very nice job. That was a lot of fun.

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