Spring Fling

Calla Lillies Kissing

A couple of pink calla lilies touching each other and forming sort of a heart shape on a black background.

Although Spring has arrived and we had a few days of warm weather, it did not last very long. Temperatures have been in the teens in the early mornings. But that has not detoured many from the excitement of feeling some warmth and seeing the first blooms break ground after such a brutal winter.

Last Sunday was a beautiful sunny day and even though it was cold outside my friend Dr. Nick Palmieri had invited me over to do some Flower Macro Phtography. So I headed out to Williams Nursery in Westfield, NJ.  Much in part because I had seen a very nice  photo (aside from others he had shown me in his iPhone, during our last Roamin with Roman ESP HDR workshop, in which Dave participated) that Dave Williams (owner of Williams Nursery) had photographed and had posted on Facebook of one the worlds first blue Orchids, called Blue Mystique Orchid.

Williams Nursery is where I will once again this year be co-leading a Flower Macro Photography workshop on Saturday, June 4th with Roman Kurywzack from Roamin with Roman Photo Tours. This place is a flower photographers paradise. The quality and variety available is extensive and  fantastic. During the workshop, participants have the opportunity to pick and choose whatever flower specimens they would like to photograph, thanks to Dave. It’s the perfect workshop to learn and add some beautiful images to your portfolio, employing the different techniques that you will learn. Check out the details by visiting either Roman’s website or mine.

Dave is a super guy and a good photographer. It was great to have him meet me at the nursery, talk for a bit and show me his flower photography setup. Thanks again, Dave!

From there I headed out to Nick’s place. Nick’s practice is located in Linden, NJ. Hope everyone is healthy , but if you should need medical assistance this is the medical group you want to go to. It was a barrel of fun being in a medical office, not because of an illness as is usually the case, but because now we had setup a mini studio in one of the offices. It was great shooting together.

I bought home the flowers that I had picked up at Williams and could not resist the urge to continue to photograph them yesterday morning. I was trying out different lighting techniques and setups.

I was really enjoying myself when I had a pleasant interruption. I had forgotten that I had made plans to help my friend Jerry Fornoratto align some of his new camera body & lenses, using my Lens Align system, when the door bell rang.  Jerry is by the way a fine photographer, the regional director for the Photographic Society of America (PSA)  as well as Oscar our puppies uncle.

We zipped right thru the lens alignments and as any photographer does he quickly gravitated towards my setup. It was great having him help me move the strobes, hold the reflector and even offer a couple of good ideas. Thanks, Jer!

Below are just a few of the images I captured. I did do some artsy, creative in camera ones as well, which I hope to post as soon as I can catch up with the work load I presently have.  I hope they give you the sense that warmer days are right around the corner.  As usual your comments and feedback either in the comments section or via your emails are very much appreciated it.

Blue Mystique Orchid

Macro Photograph of the Blue Mystique Orchid

Blue Mystique Orchid

Blue Mystique Orchid from Williams Nursery in Westfield, New Jersey

Pansy Flower Macro

Karma Blue Butterfly Pansy. I created the in camera glow effect by using strobes and reflectors.

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  • David Mills - Beautiful job on these! Love the lighting effects which really brought out the colors intensity in each subject.
    The water drop on the Callas was a nice touch which added another element of interest to an already striking image. Well done!!

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Sonya! You know I value and appreciate your comments very much.

  • Sonya Szostak - Absolutely Beautiful. You are truly amazing and so inspirational. My favorite are the pansies, brings me right back to my childhood. Love them!

  • Susan Candelario - Pura & Dave, Thanks so much taking the time to visit and comment.
    Dave I further enhanced the starburst in PS. I will show you really quick the next time I see you.

  • Dave Williams - Great Work Susan!
    The Calla’s are stunning! I need to figure out how you got the one drop to sparkle like that. Great Pansy, too!

  • Pura Kurywczak - “I love the flowers!!! They’re beautifully captured for us to enjoy! I can’t wait to start planting in the yard.”

  • Susan Candelario - You guys are too kind and too much! Thanks so much for all your comments, they are heartfelt and very much appreciated it.

    BTW I only try to give a plug if I honestly feel it deserves it, in order to share a good thing with others.

  • Sira Ramos - Beautiful photography!

  • Nick Palmieri - Thanks for the plug Susan..I had a blast and it’s really awesome to shoot with you. Your eye and knowledge of photography is inspiring. I learn so much when shooting with you and my head just spins with ideas when we are done. Love the Callas and that back lit pansy is outstanding. When are we shooting again?

  • Roman Kurywczak - Looks like you guys had a blast!!! Great work as usual!

  • Lori S - I have been involved with photography for a number of years, and I must say that these floral shots are fantastic. I love the lighting effects that you have employed. Bravo!
    I always remind myself of this, anyone can take a pictures of flowers, and no matter how expensive the equipment it still boils down to the photographer behind the Camera.
    I also wanted you to know that I will probably be attending your Williams Nursery Workshop. I am just trying to arrange my schedule.

  • ajc - Your photo’s as always are great. They represent the beauty that nature intended them to be, and for all of us to enjoy and admire.
    Good job

  • CATHY MILLER - Very Impressive, colors are just spectacular and YES, they do make you feel like the warm weather is finally coming!!!!

  • Jerry Fornarotto - the Calla Lilies are fantastic!

  • Bob Sayegh - This must be the way nature intended to display flowers –like living works of art.

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