Eastern State Penitentary

Eastern State Penitentiary

Eastern State Penitentiary Cell Block #13

Here is a quick post of a photograph I made at ESP yesterday during a Roamin with Roman Photo Tour “HDR from Capture to Output” Workshop.

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  • Tom Babich - Susan,
    The blog is great. And the photos that go with it are truly amazing! I especialy like this shot at Eastern State! Phenomenal!

  • David Williams - Susan,
    Thanks for the great learning experience yesterday! HDR workshop was awesome. Tell you husband thanks for the behind the scenes help too!
    David Williams

  • John - Great color. Susan, thanks for your help Sunday at ESP.

  • Susan Candelario - WOW… thanks again for your comments. Glad to see you liked it.

  • Oscar Dulzaides - I enjoyed your previous photos from ESP but the colors and angle of view on this one is beautiful.

  • Kim DeAngelos - WOW! Very cool photo, it would look great in my den.

  • Cary Gentile - Your talent is amazing and it show thru your work.

  • Frank Benetti - Very artsy, I enjoy viewing your take. The colors are very nice as the comp.

  • John Miller - Great eye you have. The colors and the perspective are excellent.

  • Connie Cornell - Amazing colors and shape. I love the feeling it invokes.

  • Marcos - Beautiful work, Susan!

  • Susan Candelario - Bob… You always make me laugh and think. Thank you.
    Laurie & Bill I will email you in a few and thanks so much for your comments.

  • Susan Candelario - Nick, Thanks again! I used the Fish Eye lens. This is right in the entrance of the cell block

  • Susan Candelario - Thank you much for your kind comments, they are highly appreciated it.

  • Bill Marshall - Susan,
    Love the colors & the cool shapes. Do u plan to go back this season? Shoot me an email.

  • Laura S - Very very cool! Sorry I missed it, when is the next one? I want to go.

  • Bob Sayegh - A compelling surrealistic image. Do you suppose prisoners began to imagine the prison this way after years of visual deprivation?

  • David Mills - Both colors and angle interesting and well handled!

  • Jerry Fornarotto - love the effect and angle

  • Nick Palmieri - Love the curves in this one. Don’t know how you came up with this one but it is very cool. Looking forward to see more! Thanks for a fun day.

  • Vivian Rodriguez - I love the colors you captured!!!

  • Ajc - Great image! ESP is the perfect place to capture the beautiful colors in HDR”s and really make them pop. Awesome job.

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