Triple Play

Triple Play

A blue, green and yellow water drop collisions inside a soap bubble. ©2011 Susan Candelario SDC Photography

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I made this photograph of the triple water drops colliding in the company of my friend Nick Palmieri yesterday afternoon.  It was a fun filled afternoon.  After recently being able to photograph a dual water drop collision,  I was eager to be able to pull a trio of them.

I will post additional images from yesterday shoot soon and can’t wait to have the time to create more in the near future. I love water drop photography… it’s almost become like an addiction.

I used The Time Machine from Mumford Systems and thank Bryan for working with me in creating a rig that would make the 3 water drop collisions possible.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting my blog and as usual I welcome and appreciate your comments.

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Thank You.

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  • Susan Candelario - Thanks again so much for your kind comments. They are heartfelt and highly appreciated it.

  • Sonya Szostak - WOW!!! That is amazing. Beautiful work.

  • Simon - amazing & beautiful work

  • CATHY MILLER - you have such a remarkable talent , and the colors you created are beautiful

  • CATHY MILLER - you have such a remarkable talent , and a wonderful eye for detail

  • Phil Echo - Truly Unbelievable. I’m blown away.

  • Jerry Fornarotto - OMG

  • Susan Candelario - Thanks, Nick & Bob! Thanks for your kind comments I highly appreciate them. Hmmm… I think the one that said:” how about a bubble?” was you Nick. LOL 3 was not enough ah? I do pretty bad on my own and with you and Roman around for more encouragement I am the one getting scared, but in a very good way. You got to love it.

  • Nick Palmieri - Susan is the best at water drops! You just keep pushing the envelope. This one is gorgeous. Three collisions weren’t enough, were they? You had to add the bubble. This could get very dangerous because the ideas are bouncing around in my head like crazy!!!

  • Bob Sayegh - The Time Machine is a revelation to me, as are your photographs.
    So much to learn. so little time.

  • Denise - Wow Susan, This is spectacular!!

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