Daisy Floral Impression

Daisy Floral Impression

Daisy Floral Impression

As a Canon shooter you are unable to shoot multiple exposures in camera, but you can certainly combine them in Photoshop. This is what I did in order to create this image. The original photograph was of a beautiful colorful Daisy.  After applying various adjustments in PS and achieving the result I had pre visualized I decided to add a textured layer to it as well. I am big on photographing a subject well in camera first hand, but also enjoy the ability of being able to create a different look and feel to some of my images.

Daisy Flower Impression with the original center colors

Original Daisy Flower Image

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  • Jessica Kirste - Awesome!

  • Nick Palmieri - Very nice!

  • AJC - As always what you have captured is great. It is something that would fit anyplace in ones home or office.

  • Bob Sayegh - I must admit that, because the
    original image is so striking, I would not have been tempted to change it.
    Now I would be hard pressed to pick a preference.

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